Robert Vohra Launches New Website

Law as a career is saturated making it difficult to pick the right lawyer.

However, amongst the thousands of lawyers and law firms, Robert Vohra has a proven track record of over twenty years- illustrating his immaculate abilities and specialties in tax and corporate law.

With this new website, Robert Vohra is offering his unique wealth planning services on a wider scale so that all may benefit from his expertise.

Following an illustrious education, which included:

a) Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science & International Economic

Relations from Columbia University, New York; and

b) Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and Master of Law (LL.M) (Taxation) from

Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C,

Robert Vohra excelled at various law firms in California, New York and Washington D.C, where he incredibly secured partnership at two of these firms. He is well regarded within both the corporate and legal circles, which is testament to his prowess of navigating and managing corporate and taxation cases and portfolios.

Notable highlights from his legal career includes the successful challenge of the constitutionality of New York’s franchise tax under the foreign law commerce clause, so as to render his corporate client the benefactor in a NASD de-listing court order.

Additionally, Robert Vohra has shown an aptitude for inventing novel arguments, as he did when he won massive settlements in collection actions filed by corporate entities.

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