Robert Vohra’s Wealth Planning Services

Robert Vohra holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of International Economic Relations and Political Science from the Columbia University, New York. He is also graduated with a degree of Master of Law (LL.M) (Taxation) and Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C. During his time at Georgetown University Law Center, he served as Editor of the Journal named Legal Ethics. Having a broad and great educational career, he is now heading the Sherwood Capital Corporation. He is holding the President position since 2004. This Corporation is one of the leading firms in the industry of the financial services. They offer numerous financial management services such as debt restructuring, loan modification, and other services related to wealth management. Robert Vohra being at a key position, directly looks after routine company operations.

Apart from that, Robert Vohra is holding the MD (Managing Director) seat at Longstreet Worldwide LLC. He is holding this position for the last 4 years. This company deals in the business transactions of high – level and known as one of the top listed energy investment and international real estate firm. Longstreet Worldwide LLC offers the services of consulting and availability of structured finance for high budgeted projects, ranging from $25 million to $750 million.

Robert Vohra also have more than 20 years experience of handling legal issues and has worked at many large legal firms in Washington D.C and California, New York. Robert Vohra was a partner at both, Thiemann, Aitken &Vohra, LLC and Vohra& Associates, PLLC. He was also an associate at Shawn, Mann &Steinfeld (later on became partner too) in Washington, D.C. and also associate at Knapp, Marsh, Jones & Doran. During his time at Vohra and Associates, Robert Vohra dealt with many clients, handling commercial, corporate, general and commerce – related issues. Similarly, at Knapp, Marsh, Jones & Doran, he formed a portfolio of business transactions, that ultimately contributed to his knowledge area of commerce and taxation

Mentioning the notable highlights of Robert Vohra’s career, he was part of the case where the franchise tax New York was challenged successfully and under the clause of foreign commerce. This later on ensured the cancellation of a NASD order of de listing for a foreign company. During his time at Thiemann, Aitken &Vohra, LLC (where he was partner), he represented clients and fought cases on the issues tax and corporate matters. Robert Vohra also Robert successfully got favorable and positive settlements for 2 huge collection actions, which were filed by the company; Atlantic City Casinos.

Robert Vohra is a notable and well known financial expert. During his time at Sherwood Capital Corporation and Longstreet Worldwide LLC, he has made a big name for himself. All these things are also backed by his bright and great educational achievements. His professionalism and commitment is praised by his colleagues as well as by his competitors.

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